Wireless Printing Bundle (with ExpressHub 4)

Everything you need for easy mobile check-in! Includes the ExpressHub 4, DYMO LabelWriter 450, and a 4 pack of labels.


Don't forget cleaning pads to keep the printer working properly.



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The ExpressHub 4 provides a fast, easy and convenient solution for mobile printing. Print directly from the check-in device to the ExpressHub and connected printer(s), without the need for a computer in the process. Or license the ExpressHub 4 to enable Express Check-In.

The KidCheck ExpressHub 4 is easy to set up, provides high performance and reliability, and features a large 7" touchscreen display making key information readily available.

Simply connect one or more DYMO LabelWriter printers to the ExpressHub, choose which printer to use, and initiate printing right from the check-in device. Enjoy the added flexibility of being able to place the ExpressHub and label printers strategically throughout the facility where you need them – classrooms, entry ways, more – without the need to also have a computer in the process.

Multiple Printers: The ExpressHub 4 fully supports  having multiple printers attached.  However a powered USB hub installed between the ExpressHub and printers is typically required to handle the power load from a multi-printer configuration.

(Note: The ExpressHub 4 does not support 802.11x networks. If connecting to a network with a captive portal, a physical keyboard may need to be temporarily attached.)

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