ExpressHub 4 (NEWEST: Fast Mobile Printing and Express Check-In)

(The ExpressHub 4 is not the check-in station used by parents.)

The high performance, easy-to-use, latest generation ExpressHub 4 replaces the ExpressHub 3 and offers multiple enhancements. It enables printing with Express Check-In, and faster, more flexible wireless printing. It provides label printing directly to the printer for check-ins done from a parent’s smartphone when ExpressHub is licensed and used with touchless Express Check-In, or direct printing to the DYMO printer for check-ins done from a licensed check-in tablet - all without the need for a computer or use of DYMO software.

ExpressHub 4 is the latest generation ExpressHub and features: 1.5GHz Processor, 1G Ethernet, 5GHz or 2.4GHz Wifi, USB 3.0, 2GB Memory

The ExpressHub 4 enables wireless printing for check-ins done from a mobile device; such as a tablet at your facility or a parent's smartphone used with touchless Express Check-In.

ExpressHub needs to be a licensed check-in device for use with Express Check-In. (The ExpressHub is not the check-in station used by parents.)

The ExpressHub 4 offers a great experience, is easy to set up, and provides even higher performance, reliability and stability, all in a stylish black case. It also features a large 7" touchscreen display which prominently places important information right at your organization's fingertips via multiple screen options.

The home screen is customizable so you can easily add a message that’s unique to your organization such as “Welcome to Organization Name". It also displays the associated printer names and includes a QR code which allows your members to easily get started with Express Check-In at your facility – perfect for new families or someone who didn’t already start Express Check-In prior to arrival.

The settings screen makes troubleshooting a breeze by providing key system diagnostics, status updates, print settings and connected printers, as well as the ability to print a test label. The network screen provides a list of, and ability to connect to, available wireless networks, and the dashboard shares helpful information such as IP address, ExpressHub name, registration and license information. Plus, there's an optional power saving mode to darken the screen after ten minutes of inactivity.

For Express Check-In: Easily license the ExpressHub 4 for Express Check-In right on the product itself. When licensed and used with Express Check-In, the ExpressHub 4 enables printing of child and guardian labels for parents who check in from their mobile device. Upon arrival at your facility, the family completes check-in on their smartphone, the ExpressHub 4 recognizes the check-in and automatically prints labels. No need to wait in line or use a check-in station.

For Mobile Printing: The ExpressHub 4 provides an easier, faster mobile printing solution. Print directly from a licensed tablet to the DYMO printer- no computer or DYMO software needed. Enjoy faster, more reliable, more flexible printing.

Multiple Printers: The ExpressHub 4 fully supports having multiple printers attached.  However a powered USB hub installed between the ExpressHub and printers is typically required to handle the power load from a multi-printer configuration.

(Note: The ExpressHub 4 is wi-fi enabled and supports most wi-fi networks including WPA/WPA2. It does not support 802.11x networks. If connecting to a network with a captive portal, a physical keyboard may need to be temporarily attached.)

The ExpressHub comes with a 2 year limited warranty.